Halloween 2020

by maice
Happy Halloween!

I drew my Grim Reaper character, Milos, dressed up... as a Grim Reaper!
He already dresses like a Reaper in his own eyes, but this is more traditional attire.

Hopefully next year all my characters will be introduced and I can do a group picture!

Boo Boo

by maice

Here's the lion, his name is Boo Boo.
He appears early in the story so there's not much point in explaining why there is a lion character (seems out of place, eh?) as you'll find out on your own anyway.
I'm fond of him :)
Fun fact:  I thought of Boo Boo as a tiger originally.  Then I realized how agonizing it would be to draw stripes over and over for the story.  Now he's a plain old lion.

Well, I drew this to be an avatar for guests or users who don't have one.  So you might see it around again (if the code works), but since it will be tiny (as avatars are) I decided to share the larger version here in the gallery.

Fanelli Girls

by maice

In their third year of marriage, Lyle and Nan Fanelli welcome their first child into their lives.  That's Bonnie, on the right.  She is a blessing from the very start.  When she is two she already knows the alphabet, and by the time her little sister is born when she's three, she is beginning to read.

Charlotte is three years younger than Bonnie and idolizes her, though they are nothing alike.  Lyle and Nan soon learned they just got lucky with Bonnie - Charlotte is a wild child.  Leaping over couches, coloring on the walls.  Charlotte is demanding and a picky eater.  She likes to play dress-up, mostly she likes to accessorize.  She can't be taught because she thinks she already knows everything and will not listen.  She has her own way.

At this point I don't think the girls will appear in the comic as I plan it to only span one year beginning around the time of Lyle and Nan's marriage.  But perhaps small side stories will one day be in order, and you can meet them then.  Or they might just live vicariously through illustrations here in the gallery.

Lyle Fanelli

by maice

Here is Lyle Fanelli

He is married to Nan, who is Shane's sister.  I love Lyle and Nan a lot, and I don't think it's too spoilery to talk about them since they aren't main characters.

From Lyle's character info:

Lyle is an accountant, but he's still young and new.  In the future he will make a lot of money but his success won't go to his head.  His favorite food is peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, and he'll always be that guy who orders chicken fingers at a fancy restaurant.  He and Nan will go on to have two daughters.  Lyle likes to spend his lunch breaks at the park.  He's a goofy, silly guy when he's not at the office.  He likes stocks and puns and working on his dad bod.