Fanelli Girls


In their third year of marriage, Lyle and Nan Fanelli welcome their first child into their lives.  That's Bonnie, on the right.  She is a blessing from the very start.  When she is two she already knows the alphabet, and by the time her little sister is born when she's three, she is beginning to read.

Charlotte is three years younger than Bonnie and idolizes her, though they are nothing alike.  Lyle and Nan soon learned they just got lucky with Bonnie - Charlotte is a wild child.  Leaping over couches, coloring on the walls.  Charlotte is demanding and a picky eater.  She likes to play dress-up, mostly she likes to accessorize.  She can't be taught because she thinks she already knows everything and will not listen.  She has her own way.

At this point I don't think the girls will appear in the comic as I plan it to only span one year beginning around the time of Lyle and Nan's marriage.  But perhaps small side stories will one day be in order, and you can meet them then.  Or they might just live vicariously through illustrations here in the gallery.