In order of appearance:

(posted ages as of comic start - June 1991)



AKA the Grim Reaper, or "Death".
To be honest, Milos is a little lonely.  Nobody can see him except those who are dead - or those who are about to be.  He's not welcome or well-liked, though he's a decent fellow.  He enjoys hot tea, piano music, and cigarettes.  He moves gracefully, familiar with fancy things such as ballroom dancing and proper table settings.  Though sincere, he tends towards sarcasm and is somewhat vain.  


age 23 (b. Nov 29, 1967)

AKA "Wild Man"
There's a reason his family gave him such a nickname.  As a young child he was fearless, always running and jumping and climbing, swinging a toy sword or a stick or an air guitar.  He was rough-and-tumble, athletic, and it's only fitting he grew up to get a job at the zoo.  He coaches kids soccer in the Fall.  Shane is the family baby, the youngest child by four years - he's always been spoiled, even by his older sister.  He loves life, specifically his life - it's been blessed from the beginning.


age 27 (b. Jan 3, 1964)

When Maeven started Kindergarten she met her best friend - Nan. Twenty-three years later and they're still close. Maeven is dating Nan's little brother, Shane, but she doesn't believe in marriage. Why rock the boat? She spends her days at the local news building where she works as a secretary. She enjoys photography and frequently visits Central Park to take pictures. She grew up in a broken home, parents divorced thanks to her father's alcoholism. To this day Maeven refuses to drink. Secretly she doesn't care for the taste of alcohol anyway.


In order of appearance:



age 25 (b. June 25, 1966)


age 27 (b. March 6, 1964)


age 29 (b. March 28, 1962)

Lyle is an accountant, but he's still young and new.  In the future he will make a lot of money but his success won't go to his head.  His favorite food is peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, and he'll always be that guy who orders chicken fingers at a fancy restaurant.  He and Nan will go on to have two daughters.  Lyle likes to spend his lunch breaks at the park.  He's a goofy, silly guy when he's not at the office.  He likes stocks and puns and working on his dad bod.



age 62 (b. Dec 3, 1929)


age 62 (b. Aug 27, 1929)


age 4 (b. Sep 1, 1986)

Beloved city pup of Shane and Maeven. Very lazy. Will eat anything. Especially loves his hot dog toy and cleaning his face on the couch. Thinks he's a king!